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13 de enero de 2012

Free coaching with Cory Skyy, in dreams

Hey guys. Receiving coaching in person with Cory Skyy is a truly priceless experience, that I highly recommend to anyone that wants to really be great with women. One of the advantages it has had for me, amongst other great ones, is that I've already had several free coaching sessions with Cory... in my dreams, hehehe.

Tonight I had one of those coaching sessions in a night dream. It was a group coaching one, and we were hanging out in a night club. An advantage for it happening in a dream is that, in dreams, subtle perceptions are super clear. Cory's energy was amazing: I could very vividly feel that he was a pristine chick magnet. He had all that really matters, and all of that openly exuding from him.

There were several lessons from him in the coaching session that I remember and still make sense in this reality:
  • We asked him about the times when we hit eye contact with a woman that we like, but it seems like there's no interest, she's for example just looking with a serious face... So, what do we do about it? His answer was simple, he just pointed out: "how it was when you found a great connection with a girl, did you had to do anything special to have it?"

    I immediately relived (another nice thing from dreams) one of those connections with a beautiful girl, where I was just checking the space around the room, and I automatically (without knowing why yet) stop my eyes on the girl, even she was looking partly away from me. A second later, she turns her head and looks directly at my eyes. And bam! We both know we're into each other, the connection is there and smiling more is inevitable :P Zero effort. That answers the question: no worries, it just happens, no need to go looking for it or doing anything special.
  • At some point in the club, someone asks Cory: "What if we go out some night but find no girl for us?". His answer was something like: "Don't go out with the purpose of meeting women, go out just to have a good time. If you have a good time that night, who cares if you meet any girl or not?". I think he told us also how it was for him if that happened to him, and from his energy, I knew he really didn't care at all, he was completely carefree about it.
  • The last interesting point to learn from, and the most bizarre one - but still can apply to this reality -, was when one of us mentioned that there was no comfortable space in the club to be with a girl, and the only interesting spot - long cushioned seating area attached to the wall - wasn't good enough for intimacy (the pictures of it I still have in my mind say otherwise, but he said that in the dream and it made sense). Cory showed him what he might do in there with her girl, actually doing it as he was saying it: lying down on his back completely, occupying what would be enough sitting space for at least four people... and he added that the girl would lay on him :D. That blew my mind, as it would certainly be out of my comfort zone, as I might be worried what other people in the club would think.
I realize now, that all of these lessons touched some of my sticking points, even ones I wasn't consciously aware of.

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